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North America is a part of the continent called America from the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci, covering an area of 24,221,490 square kilometers. It meets in the northern hemisphere between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean and in the northern part of South America. The highest peak in North America is McKinley Mountain in Alaska, which is 6,194 meters above sea level.

North America is made up of three major nations and a large island area that occupies most of its area. These are Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Greenland. There are also seven smaller nations at its south end collectively known as Central America, approximately two dozen island nations and territories of different sizes in the Caribbean and a secluded French territory off the Atlantic coast of Canada. Although the Central American and Caribbean regions are technically part of the North American continent, they are commonly listed separately from their larger neighbors to the north, and hence the regions' distinctive names for both cultural and geographical reasons.

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The Northern White certainly has vast expanses of wilderness, but it also boasts some of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

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One of the world's largest, most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations is made up of some of the world's most famous cities, unspeakable natural parks, and almost everything in between.

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The seven nations of this isthmus linking North and South America combine elements from both continents; you'll find bustling cities, ancient jungle ruins, and Spanish-tinted Métis and African-Indian cultures.

Alternative to craigslist personals Greenland is a self-governing country, but officially still a part of Denmark. It's a large island with rugged landscapes and the midnight sun.

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Mexico is a huge traveler enchantment for sun-seekers and historians alike; the previous flock to Mexico's tropical beaches, whilst the latter discover the artifacts of the historical Aztec and Mayan civilization fascinating.

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White sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and a laid-back island culture make the Caribbean one of the top vacation spots in the world.

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Bermuda - overseas territory of the United Kingdom Saint-Pierre and Miquelon - overseas department of France

Washington, D.C. - the capital of the United States, home to many cultural and historic attractions.

Vancouver - a city of steel and glass condos of exceptional natural beauty, where you can ski and sit on the beach in a single day.

Toronto - Canada's biggest city, a cosmopolitan crucible with abundant ethnic enclaves and cultural attractions.

Panama City - a convivial city at the crossroads of two continents.

New York - The Big Apple is the hub of North American trade and culture, captured in movies and songs.

Mexico City - the third biggest city in the world is filled with museums, centuries-old architecture, modern facilities and people.

LA - Hollywood and film stars; mountains and beaches; and plenty of traffic.

Kingston, the hub of African-Caribbean culture, is cosmopolitan, diverse and the birthplace of reggae.

Havana - Cuba's capital city is famous for its cigars, strong Hispano-Caribbean culture and legendary nightlife.

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Massage parlors are in every corner of North America. You can find massage parlors from almost all cities that also provide additional services. In the US and Canada, additional services are not usually advertised in public. You need to know how to play this game.

Brothels are illegal in the U.S., except in some regions of Nevada. Brothels across Canada are also illegal. Mexico offers a wide range of brothels in many cities. The closest Mexican brothels to the USA are located at Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo.

You may find trans escorts advertising their services in many places in the United States and Canada. In addition, in other regions of North America, it is not very difficult to find a shemale company when needed.

Safety in North America

Police and other emergency services are widely available throughout the United States and Canada, and in most parts of Mexico, and generally have a quick response time. In the U.S. and Canada, police and other first responders may be called in the event of an emergency by calling 9-1-1 on a compatible telephone. Security varies a great deal from place to place, so see the appropriate article on the area of interest. As everywhere, don't forget to practice sensible security procedures and you should be okay.