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Oceania is a vast, arbitrary region of the world where countries are joined by the Pacific Ocean rather than by land borders. Beautiful coral reefs, gleaming white sand beaches, swaying coconut palms, and craggy volcanic islands rising from the clear blue sea can all be found there. The world's most internationalized and cosmopolitan cities, like Melbourne, are found in its diverse nations, as well as some of the world's most isolated and tribal villages.

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On this continent, Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea are by far the largest nations, with the first two receiving the most tourists. Oceania also includes the enormous island nation clusters of Polynesia in the far east, Melanesia in the west, and Micronesia in the north.

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Australia is the country in Oceania with the most people and land area.

New Zealand is a popular destination with excellent traveler amenities. Technically a part of Polynesia because the native Maori population is Polynesian and serves as a major air hub for the rest of the region..

Papua New Guinea

Tropical rainforest, beautiful scenery, and rich culture. a thrilling, infrequently visited travel location.


This name in particular conjures up images of paradise like no other. Beautiful paradisiacal islands can be found scattered over thousands of miles in the far-off South Pacific.


The always-popular destination of Fiji is located in Melanesia, which shares a close kinship with the ethnocultural makeup of frequently mentioned Papua New Guinea.


The tiny Micronesian islands are closer to or north of the equator than the other island groups, and as a result, see fewer tourists and business travelers. Aim for Palau if you want to go somewhere really beautiful.

Popular destinations

Apia is a little run-down and shabby, but it's a good place to start for first-time visitors.

Auckland is a bustling, multicultural city that ranks highly in quality-of-life surveys.

Christchurch is called the Garden City because it's full of trees and old English buildings.

Melbourne is multicultural and sports-crazed and has many cultural institutions.

Nouméa has lovely beaches and colonial mansions, but it's not yet a popular

While not a tropical paradise, Papeete offers shopping, dining, and drinking options.

Port Moresby, the dispersed capital of Papua New Guinea, can be very dangerous.

Suva, the major commercial and political hub of Fiji - Nadi, the tourist capital.

Sydney, the biggest and most cosmopolitan city in Australia, and the location of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

The Bay of Islands is a charming location in New Zealand with historical significance.

Bora Bora is the most stunning lagoon in French Polynesia, but it is extremely expensive.

Coral Coast has amazing white sand beaches and palm trees.

Moorea is a less expensive option to Bora Bora with lovely scenery.

Vava'u is a group of more than 50 islands in Tonga that is a popular yachting destination.

Although Oceania does not have any designated red-light areas, the Kings Cross neighborhood, which is home to numerous strip clubs and hooker bars, is known as the red-light district of Sydney.

In Oceania, there are tons of massage parlors, brothels, striptease clubs, swinger clubs, and other businesses that provide adult entertainment.

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Many young ladies travel to Australia in search of hot surfers with whom to have sexual relations. Having sex is one of the main reasons many female tourists travel to Australia, though typically there isn't any money exchanged. Additionally, there are many male escorts employed in Australia and some in New Zealand.

Personal classifieds in Australia

Big cities in Australia and New Zealand offer a respectable collection of working trannies. Asia-based ladyboys dominate the transsexual adult industry. Additionally, some stunning South American shemales can frequently be found in Oceania's escort directories.

Safety tips in Oceania

With the exception of Papua New Guinea, which is still only safe for more adventurous travelers to visit, almost all of Oceania is safe for tourists. Particularly, Port Moresby has one of the highest rates of violent crime in the entire world.

Parts of Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea are at risk for malaria. Malaria is not present in Fiji, New Caledonia, the Cook Islands, Samoa, or any other island.

In tropical regions, the prevalence of dengue fever, chikungunya, and Zika virus is rising. Avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes at all times, especially when an outbreak is present.

Although the islands are far away, sexually transmitted diseases have no geographical boundaries. Regular safety measures are required.