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How to be an exotic dancer?

Exotic dancers, it's a work, not a way of life. You should be motivated and driven as in any profession. Take this seriously, it's a job, not a party or a window-dressing opportunity. Step into time and make sure you conduct yourself professionally and according to the rules of the club. You must also be familiar with the law and local, state or federal laws that apply to your location. Some strip clubs require background and fingerprint checks along with identification and a social security or national insurance number. Get ready to provide it. Are you physically healthy enough? You must be in good health, and while striptease clubs are usually looking for someone thin and toned, there is room for all kinds of body forms. Many girls worry that they don't have the right body parts in shape, there is no size or shape for an exotic dancer.

Going onstage at a strip club in Jackson.

You can call the club manager and request for an appointment to audition or simply go for a walk in the club of your choice. Check the strip clubs list online to find clubs in your region. Make sure you're old enough to dance eroticically in your district. Some clubs have audition evenings or amateur evenings that you can go and try. It is always better to call the club first and know whether this is their way.

Striptease dancers stage name

It'll be your alter ego when you're on the job. The most widely used "stage names" are; Katty, Barbie, Candy, Sugar, Linda, Lolita etc. Rather than using any of the most common names listed, try to be unique and think outside the box. Get a different name from all the others. Maybe none of the others are using it.

For the record, prostitution, or "extras," has no place in a club. Apart from moral judgements, it is more difficult for strippers to earn money when that happens. You'll get fired as well if the club finds out. Prostitution is a very punishable crime in many areas, and many clubs are going to have undercover police officers.

Make sure you understand that even words can make you stop even if you don't intend to do something for additional money. You're the artist, not the whore.

Society can be very antisex, so because you work in this business, you need mental resilience. Clients will insult you, you risk losing your friends and family... but it says more about them than about you. Ensure that you feel good about what you are doing and see it as a positive thing, it will help you to stand firmly against others.

Once you begin working, make sure you learn from other girls and respect their way of working. Don't get too friendly with them just to make extra money, because they will see through you! Expect that you won't do so well in the first place, but don't get discouraged. Learn something and stand up and start over, but better!

Posting advertising on Richobo about yourself can make you a lot more popular and increase your peak value. Mention the clubs where you work, and the clients will just come to see you, and they will save their best advice for your show.

Is there any difference between a stripper and an exotic dancer? There's no real difference, if at all. Titles mean the same thing.

How can I choose the proper outfit?

Take a look at what the other girls are wearing. You can also ask them about their recommendations or do a little research.

Exotic dancers tips

For your own security, never do that alone in someone's home.

Get anti-skid pads for the bottom of your footwear.

Become a stripper you may want to have your own car or a private driver.

Stripteasers get sexually harassed by rude fans and openly insulted by conservative people on a public transportation.