What Do Exotic Dancers Do?


The position of an exotic dancer requires a great deal of physical strength and a positive attitude. A stripper is a person who dances provocatively for an audience to obtain tips as payment, and this type of job requires dancing abilities and possibly the ability to work with a pole. Strippers are often required to travel from club to club when hired for certain events.


A typical day is spent dancing at the place of employment, ranging from onstage to private dances with a client one on one. This job requires extensive customer service skills and the ability to work well with others, and is paid primarily on commission and tips. Hours for this job are primarily on the weekends at night, but daytime hours are available depending on the location.


Most dancers prefer working the evening hours on weekends, as there are more clients and more opportunities to make money. Formal education is not required, and many places are willing to offer on the job training. Most places of employment prefer those who are young and physically fit, as exotic dancing requires heavy physical strength to endure for long periods of time.