How much is lap dance ?


Generally the lap dance prices start from 60€, table dance start from 60 € and private dances start from 150€ for 30 minutes, the prices are made by the dancers so you will have to negotiate with them some will ask more some less. They try to make money so they will try to get out of you as much as they can. Some of the clubs has semi private area or others has completely private rooms or suites where you can have a private dance. In Russian Federation dance start from 2 000,00 ₽, table dance start from 12 000,00 ₽ and private dances start from 4 000,00 ₽ In US lap dances start from 20$, In Australia private dances start from From $50 and more. In United Kingdom lap dance starts around £20 per song. In Ukraine lap dance starts from $10 on up - 30$ plus the dancer will expect an added tips. In New Zealand lap dance starts from $40 and up to 80$. In Asia lap dnace starts from 20$.